Firmware Download

Current version: 1.0.20150120 Download.

NodeLua firmware is open source under Apache License. The official github page is:

WARNING: This firmware is still in early alpha stage, you are welcome to report bugs here, and request new features here. Please note that the APIs may change by time.

To use the downloaded firmware, please read the tutorial. You can create a project within WebIDE and follow the tips to run your codes on the Node, enjoy yourself!

Change log:
Jan 20, 2015 1.0.20150120
1. Save Lua code on Flash so that the Node can launch without a Internet connection afterwards!
2. Fixed: more robust way to upload cloud data
3. Fixed: mqtt lost connection and failed to retry after route reboot
4. Added pull-up option to gpio.mode()
5. New module: key(see docs)
6. Upgraded to SDK 0.9.4
7. Rewrote DS18B20 function with async timer to handle long delay
8. Color text escape sequence codes was removed

Jan 2, 2015 1.0.20150102
1. New module: PWM(see docs)

Dec 24, 2014 1.0.20141224
1. Have “Save & Run” in NodeLua WebIDE work properly.
2. Redirect Node’s output to WebIDE’s debug window
3. New API functions: node.chipid() and node.restart() (Thanks to alonewolfx2)

Dec 19, 2014 1.0.20141219
First version came out!