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    I came across firmware installation difficulties. The displayed “import serial” error. So i did a lot of web surfing and try until success. Here is the following.

    1. install python 2.7
    2. install pyserial.
    3. download Nodelau firmware to python27, python installed dir.
    4. command mode.
    5. goto python27 dir.
    5. set ESP8266 board to flash mode.
    6. -p COM4 write_flash 0x000000 nodelua_8266.fw <——– execute with ESP8266 setup serial port at COM4.
    7. good and finished, set ESP8266 to normal mode.

    i wrote down here for easy installation next time.



    More Easy, especially for Windows Users:

    1. Download ZIP from and extract.
    2. Download Nodelua Firmware
    3. Set ESP8266 to flashmode (Connect GPIO0 to GND + don’t forget to share GND of Powersupply and Serial adapter if they are not the same device)
    4. Run ESP8266Flasher.exe from Win32 or Win64/Release
    5. Go to Config , only select the first entry with 0x00000 Offset and select the Nodelua Firmware.
    6. Go back to Operation, select COM Port and click Flash and Wait and put ESP back to normal mode :)

    Kind Regards

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