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    quickly writing this..
    Currently moving from the arduino uno to the esp8266 and as so many now have to decide whether to go with nodeMcu or nodeLua.

    **** I really like the webIDE approach because there is far more about it: In the future, i will have lots of wifi device not only in my houshold but all over a 50 miles radius. And i can update all of them. Or simply add another sensor to an existing node and code it from my desktop. I think this is a feature that you/we should emphasize !!

    **** I am the baker Robo Durden of , i posted lots of great ideas in the comment section about connecting a smartphone to the ESP.
    I am happy that NodeLua is already thinking of “Mobile App libraries”.
    I strongly recommend using Phonegap !!!!
    That way we instantly have nice widgets and a platform for ios, android, firefoxOS, windowsPhone, etc.

    **** It would really be great if nodeLua would feature sockets. I read somewhere that there is already a library but not tested yet. With sockets and phonegap and best even with nodeJS as the cloud server, we could connect smartphones directly to the nodes. Both the node and the smartphone could first tell the cloud server their ip addresses and ports. And if the smartphone happens to be and the node then we can do great real time stuff like operating a drone.

    I am a physicist, programmer since the C64 days, even invented three programming languages myself.
    I would be happy to join nodeLua, might be happy to do all the phonegap stuff.

    **** What really is a drawback is the shortness of libraries for nodeLua :'(
    I will need to contact my own servers ( is one), a http-get library. And of course a SPI library to attach some tft- or ole-displays.

    I fear that nodeLua is currently dying because people favor nodeMCU.

    But if the creator of nodeLua puts my suggestions and gladly some more from you into a $10.000 kickstarter campaign, we should be able to push nodeLua to a real productive stage.

    I really like the plain simplicity of the webIDE.
    I really think, nodeLua is a very good starting point.

    greetings from Germany,

    ideas welcome :-)



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